Dr. Sakai & Team

Dr. Kevin H. Sakai grew up in Stockton, which is in northern California. He has one younger sister, Kimi. His family was always involved in the medical field. His mother is a pharmacist and his father is also a dentist. While growing up in Stockton, Dr. Sakai’s childhood centered around his involvement with the martial arts. He started karate when he was five, and this continued until college. As a youngster, the Sakai family traveled all over the country for karate tournaments.

After graduating from high school, it was time for Dr. Sakai to leave Stockton. He earned his B.S. at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Growing very accustomed to southern California’s warm weather, he moved across to the other side of the city to attend dental school at the University of Southern California (USC). After earning his DDS degree, Dr. Sakai continued his education at Boston University in the area of pediatric dentistry.

It was in Boston, where Dr. Sakai spent the next two years focusing his training on children. It was here Dr. Sakai learned pediatric dentistry. This includes sedation techniques, behavior techniques as well as training with special needs children. It was here, where he also learned that he loved the RED SOX.

After finishing his schooling in 2004, it was time for Dr. Sakai to put his education to use. At this time, Dr. Sakai decided to relocate to the Seattle area. It was a good thing he did, because that is where he met his wife, Aleiah, and his son, Amari.

These days, most of Dr. Sakai’s days are spent at the field watching his son play for the Federal Way Hawks. During the off season, Dr.Sakai loves to travel with his family. If he is not traveling, he likes just hanging out with family and friends.