Let the Dental Adventure Begin!

Welcome to Just for Kids Dentistry!

It is a special place just for kids that meets their specific dental needs. Our office is a wonderful place where every child comes first. As specialists with years of advanced training in pediatric dentistry Dr. Sakai strives to give every child the treatment and care they need while creating fun and positive experieces. It is important to us that your child is comfortable and feels special during their visits. This helps insure a positive attitude torwards maintianing healthy smiles and preventative care.

We have two offices

For your convenience, we have two offices to better serve you. Our Bonney Lake office is located just off State Route 410 near the Tall Firs Regal Cinema. You’ll find our original Puyallup office located on River Road, next to Fred Meyer and Starbucks. Both locations are accepting new patients, and accept most insurance.

One phone number two great locations 253.200.2500

Pediatric Dentist are Different!

There really is a difference between a dentist trained as a pediatric specialist and a regular general dentist. Pediatric dentists are general dentists who complete two or more years of training after dental school. They receive a detailed education in childhood development, orthodontics and child psychology. During this training they work only with children. Because of this, they gain experience in dealing with kids during different developmental stages. A pediatric dentist uses special equipment for children, such as smaller x-ray film and smaller drills. Many offer educational materials to help both the child and parent learn about dental hygiene.

One of the biggest differences between a pediatric dentist and a general dentist, is the advanced training on behavior management. During the extra two years of training, the specialist perfects simple behavior management techniques, such as distraction. The pediatric dentist is also trained in more advanced techniques such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and even treatment under general anesthesia.

Another large difference in training is the specialist’s experience with special needs children. From treating children with ADHD or autism, or any behavior issues, the pediatric dentist has received formal training. He or she is also well versed in treating children with medical issues. These children are medically compromised and they require special treatment.

At Just for Kids Dentistry, we welcome all children, from the easy manageable child, to the child with medical issues. We realize that oral health is important to all children, and all children deserve to have access to care.