dental insurance 1

Not that everyone wasn’t already confused about Dental insurance, but now even more. Don’t feel like you are alone, because you are not.We are finding that the individual insurance plans are improving their web sites, for easier use and understanding. They are also being better about wait time on call in’s.  Remember they are there for you & your family; you have a contract with them.  That is why you will hear Dental & Health care providers say “ It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to know which benefits are covered or not covered by the insurance program in which they participate” Because we are the “Third Party”.  So don’t hesitate check out your coverage. How often can my children get cleanings? What is covered for treatment (crowns, fillings, sealants, spacer) be informed, know what is going on, it only takes a few minutes.  

Remember most insurance cover cleaning & check-up every 6 months and 1day some even more, so be informed. As a patient of “just for kids dentistry”, we keep track of that for you, we mail you a card 30 days before the due Date. We look forward to meeting your family.